BOSSBABES BOUTIQUE offers an ambassador program for babes who wish to stay styled in any of our Bossbabes Boutique designs. Please see below for all the details on the ambassador program.


Receive a design of your choice using an exclusive discount, and tag us when wearing it on your social media accounts. The ambassador program also includes the following for Bossbabes:

*A custom 15% OFF coupon code for all of your followers, friends and family to share on all social media platforms
* A Complimentary Gift w/ Every 5 Orders using your personal discount code
* Site-wide Discounts on all BOSSBABES BOUTIQUE COLLECTION when making a future order
* Exclusive discounts on new designs as well as be the first to view upcoming collections
* The opportunity to be featured on our social media platforms to grow your following when photo meets marketing requirements.
* The opportunity to submit your blog, website, or social media to be featured on our social media (all credits will be given).
* The opportunity to receive additional Bossbabes designs as new collections are launched


No matter how big or small your social media is, we would love to hear from you. Bossbabes Boutique believes in empowering all! Our goal is to provide a platform for you to grow as an artist, blogger, friend or family member with the help of our relationships. Tell us how you influence the world with your positivity and support!

We look forward to having you as our newest BOSSBABES AMBASSADOR.

XO, @BossbabesBoutique 

I agree that I will provide BOSSBABES BOUTIQUE with pictures of my designs and post at min. 1 photo on my social media platforms once receiving my Collection. I agree to tag BOSSBABES BOUTIQUE in the post (@BOSSBABESBOUTIQUE) and create the post within 14 days of receiving the collection piece. I give BOSSBABES BOUTIQUE full permission to repost any of my photos featuring BOSSBABES BOUTIQUE designs as well as they may use my images on their marketing materials that may include website, marketing brochures, social media and more. I understand, when possible, all credits will be provided back to me for my personal exposure. I understand there is no returns on my ambassador collection piece or return 'value'. I understand that I will not receive a store credit or refund for my purchase if I am dissatisfied. BOSSBABES BOUTIQUE is offering me an ambassador / affiliate collection piece(s) that I understand have no value when it comes to returns, chargebacks or refunds and that BOSSBABES BOUTIQUE has no fault with postal delays due to carriers or customs process.